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Philly Ghosts: Phantoms of Philadelphia Tour

Craving a wild ride through the haunted heart of the Birthplace of America? Join Philly Ghosts on a nighttime stroll through the places where the legends of American history once lived and died.

Book a Philadelphia Ghost Tour tonight to uncover the sinister secrets of the City of Brotherly Love. Hear horrifying stories of mysterious deaths, fatal duels, deadly epidemics, senseless wars, and hardship that have etched darkness on the very soul of the city.

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Book Your Philadelphia Ghost Tour Tonight!

Philly Ghosts: Phantoms of Philadelphia Tour

For a city that once flaunted a flag of freedom and liberty in America and offered hope to everyone looking for a fresh start, it harbors a dark past. Philly Ghosts invites you to journey through Old City’s historic landmarks steeped in grief and despair and discover the dark side. Want to hear even more horrific accounts of mysterious events that have made Philly a haven for sad souls from bygone eras? Book a Bonus Extended Tour to explore additional haunted locations where history unfolded and echoes of the past refuse to fade.

Meeting Location: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Washington Square Park, 217-231 W Washington Square

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

This was a great tour. Ellis was an excellent tour guide and very knowledgeable about the history of the area. I would do this tour again and add the ...

Julia Doherty

Five Stars

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of Philadelphia. The tour was entertaining and informative. I would do it again and do the add...

Julia D.

Five Stars

Lauren was very knowledgeable and a very entertaining- we had a great time!

Michelle Witt
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Washington Square Park

Established by William Penn himself, the beautiful Washington Square Park you see today was once a mass graveyard for yellow fever victims, revolutionary soldiers, and other “unwanted” bodies. Now, it’s haunted by the ghost of Leah, a young girl denied a proper burial, and an unknown soldier, both tirelessly roaming the ground to guard the forgotten souls beneath.

First Bank of The United States

Haunted by the founding father of the American banking system, the historic First Bank of The United States, once a bastion of financial innovation, holds whispers of a bygone era where the economic fate of a young nation was shaped. Known for poking around and causing mischief, Hamilton's unsettled ghost still lurks here, forever reliving his tragic death in a fatal duel with a jealous colleague.

Bishop White House

The historic Bishop White House may look all cheery and inviting on the outside, but it’s said to harbor ghostly inhabitants and chilling tales within its walls, where the air still reeks of death and decay from its grim past. From the restless spirit of Bishop White himself to the ghostly presence of his loyal coachman and his late wife, this historic Georgian-style mansion is a hotspot for spooky events in the heart of Philadelphia.

The Hauntings of Philadelphia

Founded by William Penn in 1682, Philadelphia has a long history of intrigue and mystery. Before the arrival of the European settlers in the early 17th century, Indigenous people roamed the land, their lives marked by intertribal conflicts and spiritual connections to the earth. However, the arrival of European settlers brought upheaval and tragedy to the indigenous tribes as they were driven from their lands, and the spread of diseases further decimated their populations.


The city rose to prominence in the late 18th century, hosting a series of events that played a pivotal role in the American Revolution and marked the beginning of the end of British colonial rule. Philly’s role in shaping American history was not without its share of conflicts and tragedies. The city’s streets witnessed bloodshed of battles fought for freedom, the struggles of individuals striving for liberty, and the suffering of those caught in the crossfire of revolution.


Today, the echoes of Old City’s turbulent past continue reverberating through its present, from the cursed Liberty Bell to the hallowed halls of the historic Independence Hall, leaving a trail of ghostly tales and mysterious apparitions. Even the ghost of Benjamin Franklin is claimed to never have truly left the city where he rose to stardom.

The Most Haunted Places in Philadelphia, PA


As the City of Brotherly Love became synonymous with the birth of a new nation, it became a focal point for conflict and upheaval, leading to unrest and violence within the city’s streets. Today, these echoes of history linger in nearly every inch of the city’s landmarks, from the Bellevue Hotel, where guests report encounters with ghostly figures, to the crumbling walls of Fort Mifflin, haunted by the ghosts of soldiers from the Revolutionary War.

The eerie confines of the disease-ridden Eastern State Penitentiary still echo with the cry of tormented souls to this day, while Elfreth’s Alley stands as a witness to the lives and deaths of those who once walked its path. Learn more about Philly’s most haunted locations on a bone-chilling ghost tour with Philly Ghosts!

Reasons to Take the Philadelphia Ghost Tour

You’re ready for an otherworldly adventure.

The trees cast a different kind of shadow when you walk through Philadelphia at night, making you wonder if ghosts really do ... stalk the darkness and if evil lurks in the Liberty Bell. Take a walk through haunted parks and burial grounds. Watch for movement in the midnight lighting on fountains and city streets. Feel the cool wind of mystery on your face as you embark on an eerie adventure of haunted Philadelphia.

You’ve Had Your Fill of American History Tours.

American history comes to life in Philadelphia during the day, with a steady stream of tourists visiting monuments to America ... n heroes, founding fathers, and Revolutionary War soldiers. After you’ve seen the monuments, investigate the soul-chilling stories behind some of America’s most famous figures and see places where their ghosts still roam, obsessed with finishing their life’s work.

It’s Date Night.

Horror goes together with cuddling like wine pairs with cheese. It’s no secret that a daring, adrenaline-laced adventure co ... uld spark romance and intrigue. Take your date on a walking tour of historic, haunted Philadelphia and create lasting memories that will keep both of you up late into the night.

You want to learn about Philadelphia.

Walking through a city is the best way to learn about its culture, architecture, and overall personality. Put your feet on th ... e pavement to feel the heartbeat of Philadelphia and really learn what this city is all about. When you take a walking tour of haunted Philadelphia with us, not only do you get to explore the streets, you get to learn spine-tingling tales of a tragic history that has left many ghosts in its wake.

You’re interested in ghosts.

Moonlit walks through a ghost-ridden graveyard can be thrilling, engaging, and romantic. If you love a spine-chilling tale of ... tragedy and trapped souls, embark on a haunted adventure with us in Philadelphia. Learn about the ghosts of American history that still stalk these streets and the condemned souls that still haunt burial grounds where they were laid to rest.

You’re Done with a Day in Amish Country.

Handmade soaps and home goods, delicious kinds of butter and baked goods, and quaint examples of a quiet and dedicated life a ... re all that make Amish Country unique and special. After you’ve spent the day admiring handmade quilts and sampling hand-churned butter, spice up your visit with a walk on the darker side of Philadelphia. Investigate tragic and gruesome tales of souls forever wandering the historic buildings and haunted parks of the City of Brotherly Love.

Our Tours

Haunted Baleroy Mansion Philadelphia

Philly Ghosts: Phantoms of Philadelphia Tour

Home to some of America's oldest and most haunted buildings and monuments, Philly’s narrow streets and brick buildings hide an eerie past full of ghost sightings, gruesome accidents, and untimely deaths.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Washington Square Park, 217-231 W Washington Square.

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 8PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 1 hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Philly Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Enjoy some liquid courage while hearing ghostly tales of Philly's most historic haunts and drinking hotspots.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Meeting Location: Independence Beer Garden at 100 S Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 7PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Philly Ghosts Ultimate Dead of Night Ghost Tour

Dive deeper into the depths of haunted Philly with a Dead of Night ultimate tour where the most terrifying stories and spirits come to life after hours.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: On the corner of Chesnut St and Independence Mall E by Signer's Garden

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 1 hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Rockstars of the Revolution: American Founders & Patriots

Journey to 18th-century Philadelphia on an immersive tour into the lives of the passionate patriots that sparked a revolution.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Meet your tour guide at the memorial to the President's House, at the corner of 6th Street and Market Street, in Philadelphia. The meeting location is across the street from the Independence Visitor Center.

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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